An Anarchic Act of Generosity (AAAG(H): intimacy in public space

An Anarchic Act of Generosity (AAAG(H)

Intimacy in public space

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We’re tired of spending more time at our computers writing funding applications, on the phone building relationships, in person building relationships, on twitter, on facebook, at networking events, writing schedules, budgets, marketing strategy, designing posters, checking facebook, checking twitter, checking facebook,  travelling miles across the UK and Europe to dance and to play and to train, making things possible, of the state of the arts financial system,  writing emails, checking facebook, checking facebook, checking facebook,  than we do really doing our craft.

We want to be at home, dancing and playing.


So... this is our new show. An Act of Anarchic Generosity (AAAG(H)), contemporary dance and live music, in urban space. 

We spend a lot of time rehearsing and training, and working together we explore the relationship between music and dance and place, so instead of doing this at the gym, and in spaces we beg and borrow, we are opening this to you, the public, without being paid, or funded, but just with a hat at our feet in the City.

This could be about bringing contemporary dance to a forum it’s not often seen, the streets of urban space; it could be about an exploration of the structure of particular music forms and how dance relates, embodies and expresses these; it could be about re-claiming dance for the people in the west, away from the lofty heights of the stage, where Louis XIV took it so long ago. But it’s not about making a concept or pitching something for match funding; it’s just about performance pure and simple, as we do it.

We will post when we’re heading out  to perform, and you’re welcome to come, and if you’re a performer, you’re welcome to join in, and you can have a cut of our busking hat for the time that you do.

For the cynical and judging ones among us, yes, this is just improv, on the street. For us, for you...you’re welcome.  

We wouldn’t be able to do this apart from the free busking license in Norwich City, we thank the city for that, as we move into a space of performing at home, with a sense of freedom and agency. See you in the city.
— Hayley Matthews and Hej Jones


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