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BOOTH: Shifting into a felt sense of addiction

BOOTH has been a slow cook process. In the last of its cooking phases, as we have been unpacking it after our preview in March at Studio Wayne McGregor it has emerged that what it offers to the audience is a felt experience of addiction. It took some time to allow this to emerge. And I think if we had raced straight in with this we would have met our own boundaries, fears and defences. So I am glad for the time the process allowed us to gently touch on this challenging experience without beginning with concept but rather feeling our way.

Below is our new show description. We plan now to head towards sharing this 30 minute work in the white walled spaces of studios, foyers and galleries and later to head towards full creation, where we look at felt senses of recovery in a second half. Be in touch if you would like to know more hayley@ensembledance.org


Credit: Alistair H M Simmons

Credit: Alistair H M Simmons

Made over 18 months on a rural recovery unit in Norfolk, UK, two of the residents join dancers, photographers, composers and musicians from ENSEMBLE to invite the audience into a felt experience of addiction. Surrounding you by movement, projection and sound the company dissolve you into the feeling of addiction. A world of uncertainty, shadow, struggle, competition, isolation, hesitation, violence, strength, helplessness and hope yet beauty unfolds intimately. Where addictions is never not me but you. We bring addiction from an unseen, distant, confusing conceptual reality to a tangible one.
Designed for large white walled spaces’

More here: https://www.ensembledance.org/booth

With thanks to makers and collaborators Teresa Manjua Alistair H M Simmons @Steve Goodley , David Furness, Jack Hurst MusicHej Jones Martin Gent and Adam Benjamin.

And to supporters Arts Council England National lottery Finchams Farm Turn Around Stays and Studio Wayne McGregor

Hayley Matthews