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Home Solo: A journey into your own skin in movement & sound

“Beautiful, moving, so well balanced in its conception and design and excellently executed.” Audience member

“This is a piece that we have high hopes for, particularly at this moment in our social history, we need artists of this calibre making work as engaging and insightful as this.”
Pasco-Q Kelvin, Director of the Norwich Arts Centre

Home Solo is an intimate performance that weaves together contemporary dance with spoken word and original live music and song, in an epic tale of feeling at home in your own skin.

It is devised and performed by Hayley Matthews, contemporary dancer and choreographer, and Hej Jones, composer and multi-instrumentalist. 

It will premiere at Norwich Arts Centre on Wednesday 29 November, 8pm, before touring nationally.

It’s a show for anyone who has ever wanted to get home. Hayley maps the journey back to feeling at home in her skin after a bike accident left her unable to dance for some time. It led her to start writing poems, which form part of the show’s soundscape.

Home Solo also reflects contributions from the local community about what it means to be at home with who you are and where you are, and integrates their voices and ideas into the performance.

The performance brings to life the different aspects of being at home in your own skin: allowing yourself to be vulnerable, building resilience, searching for safety, being able to be with others, resting, expressing yourself, making space for both suffering and beauty, and allowing the light of hope to shine in.

The music is performed on the enchanting butone, acoustic guitar and with recorded voice forming the basis of a powerful synthesised drum solo.
The audience is seated close to the performers in this 45-minute show and can see the grace and the beauty as well as the stumbles and hard work of being performers – and of being human.

29 NOVEMBER 2017, 8PM