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ENSEMBLE - Contemporary Dance - UP CLOSE

ENSEMBLE is a contemporary dance and interdisciplinary performance company. We develop ways to permeate the fourth wall in performance and cross barriers between performers and audiences.  We do this by creating authentic, intimate, powerful performance that builds deep relationship with place and communities and close connections to audiences, and by bringing intimacy, honesty, vulnerability, courage and reality into public space

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We also research and share how Rolfing®, Structural Integration (more on Rolfing® on Matthews' website ) and the integration of live music and other art forms can inform dance practice

We cross boundaries and make socially engaged work

Our work has been described as having power, beauty, magic, strength, grace, vulnerability and thoughtfulness and an ability to interact, change and engage audiences and communities

We have been supported by Arts Council England, Norfolk County Council, Awards for All, OPEN Ealing, Norfolk and Norwich Festival, Norwich Arts Centre and Dance East. Our latest work is a solo, is co-commissioned by Norwich Arts Centre 

The company is based in Norwich, UK


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Our Aims

To develop place specific artistic process that can embed audience development and audiences within it

To create performance work that permeates the fourth wall

To promote and develop up-close, honest, authentic, intimate, integrated experiences for audiences and communities

To develop and share the relationship between live music, contemporary dance and other art forms

To research and share how the practice of Rolfing Structural Integration can inform dance practice by a.) developing movement language through understanding the body through Rolfing principles (wholism, support, adaptability, palintonicity, closure) and the planes and trains of connective tissue in the body b.) developing an ability for performers to rest as they are, be open and authentic and share intimately and honestly with the audience, over using 'technique'  c.) developing process and vocabulary that promotes wellness, openness, wholness and authenticity over spectacle

To offer opportunities for audience, professional, and community participation