Flying Solo: an intimate understanding of solitude

Flying Solo

A powerful, intimate exploration of independence

Including a triple bill of powerful solos by Nii-Tete Yartey, Hayley Matthews and Tyrone Isaac-Stuart.

And a series of intensives supporting independent practitioners led by the soloists and Ensemble Associate Martin Gent

The Triple Bill

A powerful, intimate series of 3 solos, woven through with spoken word that draws the audience to contemplate them as explorations of independence.

Nii-Tete Yartey with Pas, Presence, Future


Tyrone Isaac-Stuart with Umbrella Man

And Hayley Matthews with Home Solo

Hayley Matthew ‘Home Solo’

Hayley Matthew ‘Home Solo’

In 2019 Ensemble Dance Co plan the Flying Solo project. An ambitious investigation and sharing of the act of soloing.

Flying Solo will bring four unique, diverse contemporary dance soloists together to perform and research. And to find ways to build bridges for audiences to understand contemporary dance soloing, through connecting with the concept of flying solo in their own lives.

We all come into the world alone and we all leave alone; in many ways that’s terrifying. We want to hold people in that. Throw some light on it, interrogate it and support it. And find ways for audiences to view the act of soloing in dance as a reflection and a digestion of how we all have to fly solo at times in our lives: the hermit, the independent, the isolated, the traumatised, the orphan, the separated.

And for the dancers we work with, to find how we can take our the purity and vulnerability of the soloing body honestly and generously into performance.

Our soloists are Tyrone Isaac-Stuart (UK) with Umbrella Man, (25 mins); Hayley Matthews (UK) with an excerpt of Home Solo an intimate, strong, feminine show that tracks the journey back home in recovery from trauma (25 mins); Nii Tete Yatey (Ghana) with Past Presence, Future, (25 mins).

During the project our soloists will take time to deepen their work and performance quality with the support of a Rolfer, a structural integration therapist; take part in our Flying Solo lab; be part of developing a blog, a trailer and an introductory audio for their shows, perform a triple bill run at Brighton Spiegeltent and at Noyam Dance in Ghana, and run 2 Flying Solo symposiums in Hastings at Home Live Art and at Noyam, with new partners quickly gathering.

You can view Ben and Hayley's solo trailers in the links below https://vimeo.com/258504637 https://vimeo.com/281683669 . Tete's is excitingly in progress as we type!