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In Your Chamber: into your own space of intimacy

In Your Chamber

Into your own space of intimacy

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In Your Chamber is a new collaboration between Ensemble artists Al Simmons, drummer and dancer Hayley Matthews.

It is right at the beginning of researching partners with Young Norfolk Arts Festival, with seed support from South East Dance.

It will attend to overwhelm in young people, in a world where many have disoriented older people as elders and suffer the disorienting affects of this, often presented as struggles with mental health. It will be a meeting of ambient metal music and dance, it will be loud, but bring you up slow. It will have the audience sonicly surrounded, oriented by a dancer in the centre. There will be a host of research with young people and organisations who work with young people with anxiety. It will meet the nervous systems of overwhelm head on and be realistic about the loudness of now. It will utilise the skill of a drummer and a dancer to show and enable young people a way to overcome overwhelm by meeting their power instead; to rise up in their power using artistry as a way to survive in a society that lacks elders; to enter into their own inner chamber and somehow meet the powerful and disorienting world.