ENSEMBLE is a collection of artists from dance, music and visuals who make performance that has action, intimacy, grace and freedom.

Alongside this our mission is to allow audiences to cross the great divide from passive, frontal observers to oriented experiencers of performance who have potential for action.     

ENSEMBLE artists

Teresa Manjua - Dancer, Portugal.

Giuseppe Claudio Isalaco - Dancer, Italy.

Jenn Vogtel - Dancer, UK/Canada.

Hej Jones - Multi-Instrumentalist and Composer, Norfolk.

Hayley J S Matthews - Dancer, Creative Producer and Choreographer, UK.

Alistaire H M Simmons - Photographer/Film Maker, UK.

Daisy Black - Aerialist, UK.

Jack Hurst - Composer, UK.

Steff D’Arcy- Dancer, UK.

Martin J Gent - Performer/Director, UK.

Steve Goodley - Participant/Performer, UK.

David Furness, Participant/Performer/Composer, UK.

Tyrone Isaac-Stuart - Dancer/Musician, UK.

Nii-Tete Yartey, Dancer/Choreograher, Ghana.     

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Home Solo  Photo Credit Sonia Lopez Sanchez

Home Solo Photo Credit Sonia Lopez Sanchez